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Remember! You are love.

To Earth the heavy, dark and material,

From light and love ethereal,

To coldnessand hardness.

Then from the darkness

Gaia calls; for her to ascend,

And return to spiritual freedom,

Needs love as do all that dwell upon,

From above and from your within,

When times are hard and your will is thin,



You are love!


I love you for all that you are

and for all that you aren’t.

We are who we are,

and not who we aren’t.

Deep within, within the dark,

within the with out,

The light that we are,

Shrouded in doubt,

Clouded by criticism,

Bound by judgement and peers;

Embraced by both the light and love

of the spiritual worlds,

And by those who do not know

how to tell you so.

No matter what people say or do

to me and you,

And though I look from afar,


We are who we are,

and not who we aren’t.

I love you for all that you are

and for all that you aren’t.

Know thyself; love thyself.



Cherish each day as if it were your last;

Though there will always be many to follow,

But with this sense of inner gratitude

Seeds of the soul are brought to fruition

So that each day brings more light

Through appreciation, through hope and trust,

Gateways each for gifts of the spirit of your higher nature

To pass through the veil to your earthly will

That in your free will you are strengthened to pursue

The tasks before you, your dreams of aspiration,

The healing of the past,

The moment of the present,

The defining of the future.

Bright and shining you’re new found armour,

As spirit cherishes your gratitude,

Your courage to accept life and transcend all that it brings,

For the manifestation of cherishment upon the earth plane,

Is source food for the source,

Unlimited energy perpetuating through the universes,

Spiralling, forming, metamorphosing,

Carrying, supporting, elevating one above,

All else that brings you down,

Your inner peace, inner connection, inner knowing

Of the gift of life is a gift in itself.

To cherish it is to acknowledge the creators,

your heavenly beings of love,

The midwives of your spirit and soul incarnating into matter,

A place where heaven can be made on earth,

Through your will, through your mastery of inner senses over the outer,

Your realization of self in the cosmos and the cosmos in you,

Self-creating, self-perpetuating,

Experience love, bliss, joy and harmony

in a realm where once it could not be,

Now the frontier of divine consciousness, of unconditional love

Pervading all, a miracle of existence, the miracle of creation,

The miracle that is you, here, alive,

Cherish the day.

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