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Past Lives and Life Between Lives

8.00pm Sydney/Melbourne 6.00am ED USA east coast Join in on our fully interactive online spiritual circle. Intuitive readings, inspirational messages from spirit, guided meditation, discussion and more. The dynamic works!
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Past Lives and Life Between Lives

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20 Aug 2020, 8:00 pm AEST
Live & Interactive Throughout the Worlds

About the Event

What happens between lives in the spirit world? What's the nature of accessing past life memories and the significance of doing so? What have we learnt about the secrets of life here on Earth and between lives? What things have been revealed about future changes/events on earth?  Come and explore the theme of Past Lives and Life Between Lives with our special guest Nino Borsari. There will be a short meditation, a talk and then Q & A.  Nino holds a Diploma of Clinical Hypnosis. He is a Certified Past Life Regression Therapist, by Dr Brian Weiss. [Author: Many Lives, Many Masters] as well as a Certified Member of The Newton Institute and Certified Practitioner of Dolores Cannon's - Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy.

We have discovered ways to reliably enter the etheric/spirit planes & to consciously access our Akashic/Soul’s Records. This now allows us to know our soul’s evolutionary status, whilst incarnated. Thus many of us are breaking free from old human fears that stem from being cut off from our true state of being: Eternal souls of light and love, and part of “The One.” …. Which is true Gnosticism! Using special techniques of deep hypnosis, we raise the client’s POV above the analytical, fearful human levels, into the spirit-conscious frequencies. Hundreds of thousands of these sessions have produced a data base of powerful knowledge. We’ve learnt that Earth is used by the Elders, as a training school for developing souls and that our souls volunteer to come here to evolve more quickly. The gains from the harsh challenges on Earth are worth the pain, or we wouldn’t come’ [freedom of choice]. ‘We realise the Soul learns more from testing lives. This density allows important experiences for the soul, as it temporarily creates feelings of being cut off from The Eternal Oneness. Earth lives allow us to feel unusual emotions we don’t normally experience in higher frequencies I.E. Fear, anger, depression, unloved and unworthiness etc. These conditions aren’t experienced in higher planes, as our soul’s integration with ALL, maintains us in states of joy and true freedom”. We’ve also discovered that Earth is only one of many planets or dimensions used for these soul lessons of various consciousness levels. PLR explores some of our soul’s Earth history. Amongst other things, we use it as a therapeutic tool to revisit past lives for origins of unbalanced subconscious feelings or negative traits that lie deeply hidden and trap us from moving forward, sometimes for long periods of time. Through PLR, we can return to the cause of our hidden hurts. This overview helps us also understand how far we have progressed since the time of those painful experiences and then using powerful forgiveness formulae we can liberate many blocks, and we get that wonderful ‘Aha!’ moment. Becoming conscious of our soul’s journey & destiny helps us grow, and realise that our present karma is fair and not some Godly or Universal whim or dislike of us. Often, we discover that certain friends or loved-ones have been visiting this Earth classroom many times with us: Usually as friends/lovers, but sometimes we also volunteer to play roles as antagonists [love/hate relationships], if it helps us to learn some important lesson. Plus, PLR sessions tends to lower our fear of physical death, which in turn can free our “Joy of Life!” Great changes can occur when we rise above it all, and view our lives from the soul's perspective! We can learn to love ourselves and not take our lives so seriously. After all… We are always becoming more, and truly, we have forever!. This meet-up is partly meditation-based via Zoom. Everyone can participate at their level. Log in a few minutes early ready for an 8pm start AEST  or 6.00am EDT start. The link and password will be sent after you RSVP. Note: This is a form of spiritual development. Everyone assumes their own personal responsibility which is the first requirement of attending.

We use Zoom as the online program. If using a phone, download the Zoom app first.

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