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Arcturian Message

This was channeled by Russ in light language and translated by Ros - thanks team!

We are here for you to guide you along the pathway toward your future and the ascension into the 5th dimension. This requires light workers to raise their vibrations and to do this do the inner work that is required for Co creation to occur on this plane in such an amount that the earth ascends faster and faster into the 5th dimension. Ascension will speed up as the more of you reach and hold a vibrationary state that keeps you in the 5th D. The more of you that are in this state the easier it will be to pull the earth along and the rest of humanity. Humanity will we split between the 5th and 3rd dimension but a vibrationary change by enough of you will propel the earth to vibrate in 5D and remain will indeed create the new earth.

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