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Freedom Through Truth

We are at a crossroads of civilization and spiritualization. Be open to dismantle that which you believe and thought was true. The way to do this is through independence; independence of thought, research, intuition and ideally spiritual connection. Everything else brought to you from an external source may well be tainted and discolored by the sender, its transmission, frequencies or the energetic matrix in which you live.

The time has come to stand up for yourself and to take nothing for granted or without question. It is also a pathway of enlightenment to examine concepts, news, scientific opinion and source fact to ascertain its context, its validity and also the deeper gesture or impulse behind it.

There is an impulse behind everything, even your thoughts, even your feelings that can usually be traced to an external trigger sometimes placed there carefully in times long past. Such is the conditioning of the human psyche. For most of us we consume media, thought and ideas brought to us but in our hurried world little do we properly chew or fully digest. Before we do fully digest the next instalment of the same is brought before you and fed to you with purpose and often rational deception. To counter this, reduce the volume and repetition of the content and vary the nature and source of the intake. Join the dots. At first you must discern the real dots from the synthetic. The latter are what others want you to believe. on the surface of it without full and proper digestion, you never know really what is in it. Logic is a powerful weapon particularly when applied to information that is not fully processed or digested. Logic can also overlook the obvious.

Freedom through truthful knowledge.

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