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Freedom and Wellbeing

Freedom is a goal for many, but freedom from what? Some say happiness lies in freedom from disempowering thoughts. While these negative thoughts fill our mind, we will never be free. They dominate our lives; their expectations create how we see the world and they control our happiness.

So, what about people whose minds are dominated by positive thoughts? You know, the cup-half-full types, whose minds are dominated by positivity. The problem with these people is that they are often using this to cover up all the disempowering thoughts that dwell in their subconscious. However, these thoughts are still running their lives, they just don’t know it!

Then how do you experience freedom and well-being?

Be still, very still.

Allow all thoughts (positive or negative) to be there. Don’t identify with the thoughts – just let them be. Observe the thoughts from further and further away. Allow them to be. Breathe deeply and relax. Remain still.

This is what your body needs for well-being. Spend at least two periods every day experiencing this: one soon after waking and one before bed. It doesn’t need to be long – just long enough for you to detach from your thoughts, so you can experience who you really are.

Your true self is not your thoughts or your body. It’s what remains when you are not identifying with either.

When these thoughts are no longer running your life, you will experience peace. Your body will experience peace, and this will give it the chance to heal.

Five minutes of healing at the start and end of each day soon adds up to a lot of healing, giving you freedom and well-being.

Love and happiness to you all.

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