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Don't be Disheartened Be Light

Updated: Oct 2, 2021

Automatic Writing given as a personal message to Roger but shared here for ‘lightworkers’.

Don’t be disheartened, don’t be concerned,

There are many of working with you,

Who can see everything that is occurring on Earth;

Nothing is hidden from our view.

We are the ones with concerns as we do not have the physical voice as you do. You cannot be silent and passively watch. That’s not who you are. You are an empowered soul, fearless, valiant, upstanding and steel-like demeanour.

Do what you feel is required and the impulse of spiritual intent, our message, will flow through your endeavour. As you are open and trusting the light of truth cannot be thwarted. Those with souls emerging to light are waiting for you, listening and ready to hearken your call. Wake up! See the light of awareness, of spiritual reality living and strongly present on the Earth. The voices of light or dark are streaming and confronting each other in a polarity of consciousness or being. You are Light. You cannot be afraid of the dark. The dark melts wherever you go. If you believe, so it is. If you don’t fully, go within and seek that which you do not know. The strength is in knowing, it is the power of thought.

The dark has poured much though into their plans and processes. This is what has given them the strength and the initial upper hand. Many must experience the darkness, but many do not. You must appeal to them for you karmic sake as well as theirs.

Do not tremble or quake. Understand that now the powers of thought and inspiration are being increasingly activated within the workers of Light. That Light is now illuminating and in this period of twilight karma and spiritual destiny may be activated.

When is this happening? Soon; now it is happening. In a matter of months it will be over with Light reigning supreme.

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