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To look down from above

If we could watch the earth from the heights of heaven I would seem a very different place. The perspective, significance and the very purpose of our lives would alter. We could step above the soul and material garments that we wear whether they be joy, gladness, frustrations or sadness. As we can see things for what they truly are we can reset our intentions and course of action accordingly, free of the turmoil life can throw at us. Through our breath and meditative practice we can step out of our heavy work clothes, replace them with our spiritual robes and ascend to a place of reflection, guidance, understanding and acceptance of all that there is. Each day can be life renewed, another step on a soul pathway taken in clarity and with fortified purpose. The echo of your spiritual guise will shine through your auric field bringing the essence of spirituality’s hope and endeavor to others like the substance of sunlight bearing cosmic wisdom for all living beings upon Earth. We are human, we are spirit; we devote most of the time to our lower nature overlooking our higher aspect. It’s time to feed and nurture our higher aspect, our higher self and pave the way for it to become more conscious and present upon on earthly life. All that we do at enables this process and builds your spiritual home for your higher self upon earth. Even angels and guides will be pleased and of course welcome to visit in such a shining, elevate dwelling of sacred life. Come join us!

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